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Hi, Jaguar Cats here, and welcome to my lil place on the net, here you'll find a few pics I've done of Sonic, and related characters, along with a few of my own, as well as some art I've done for some people.

Ok, this here represents, the most goriest of pics I'll put up, no I won't show blood and guts, and everything, but it might have small emounts here and there.

This here represents the most blood if any in my pics. If you have a problem with blood. My pics will have warnings on them if they have any. No I won't show some one with their head flying off with blood, gore and brains flying everywhere, but I might show scratches server cuts and sweat.

Ok as now I'm now charging money for the pics I do, sorry but my folks irl want me to actually make money from being on the computer so much. No I wan't charge like a 50 dollars per line, but I will charge what I think my pics are atleast worth. Heres the price list
Simple Sketch: 2$
Pencil drawing: 4$
Inked drawing: 6$
Colored Drawing: 8$

now if some reason you can't afford this I'll gladly do a exchange pic with ya, but before I do that, send me a sample piece of your art, then we'll talk. To get the ball rolling email me at the bottom of this home page, specify description and whether you want to pay for your pic or if ya wanna do a exchange pic

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